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What To Do?  If Your Cell phone Hacked, Are Your Being Spied On?.

There are a number of reason someone will hack your phone. Their are not many legal reasons. Below are signs that your phone might be tracked, spied on, that individual(s) may have knowledge of where your are, what you say or text.  At Times, You May Need The Services Of A Florida Private Investigator.   Is Your Cellphone Hacked, Are Your Being Spied On, Listen To, Being Tracked?   Their are federal and state laws which prosecute an unauthorized hack of your cellphone.

More and more individuals are seeking information on friends and family members or for relationships, some methods maybe legal, a hack is illegal.


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What To Do? Is Your Cell phone Hacked, Are Your Being Spied On?



What To Do? Is Your Cell phone Hacked, Are Your Being Spied On?

First, One of the best tips to tell if you have tracking or spying apps installed on your cellphone is paying attention to the phones batter life, temperature and if it lights up without it being used.

Another is to observe what's going on around you. Vehicles and strangers that you don't recognize, that you have seen numerous time. Another Hint, has anyone that you know or like mentioned anything suspicious?

It could be as simple as someone mentioning a word or phrase, or hint of an incident that otherwise they wouldn't know about it.



How To Remove Tracking Apps And Spyware.

Trusting Your Instincts.

RULE 1. SO IMPORTANT Keep your phone's software up to date, this usually eliminates the hack app

RULE 2. Use anti-malware software,

RULE 3. Delete anything suspicious. Always trust your instincts and most likely you will be safe. But to be sure initiate a full backup to your computer,

RULE 4. Reset your phone to factory settings and then reinstall one app at a time. Download only apps you know and trust.

RULE 5. Cryptic Text Messages: Keep an eye on cryptic messages. Certain spy software allows the user to remote control the cellphone or tablet by sending in special text messages. Top quality hackers can effectively hide these messages, texts and the user is not aware of the intrusions.

RULE 6. If you start regularly receiving SMS's that don't make sense and possibly contain series or random letters, numbers and/or symbols, it may be someone on the other end sending the phone remote commands. DELETE THESE TEXT OR EMAILS IMMEDIATELY THEN CONSIDER A FACTORY RESET..


Quick List, Things To Remember.

More and more individuals are seeking information on friends and family members or for relationships, some methods maybe legal, a hack is illegal.

Certain Warning Sign You May Have Spyware, Malware, Spy App.

Battery Life or Battery Drain much faster than normal.

At Times, the phone is warm or hot to your touch.

Phone lights up and turns off while you are not utilizing it.

Interference, cracking on speakers or static other electronics may be heard.

Strange Cryptic Messages or text, Example @#(^%)**@

Data Use maybe much higher than normal. Check your phone settings.

Once A Week, Conduct A Factory Reset - From Your Settings Menu.

Strangers, cars appear and reappear. Someone you know HINTS at something confidential.

Cell phone Hacks, Are Your Being Spied On?


Armature Hackers, Have A Big Mouths.

Professional Hackers, Are Quiet, And Steal Your Information.

The Hint - Words or phrases that someone you know, or not know, lets slip. As if to say, without saying, that something only you or very few know to be confidential.

They may relate the word or phrase in a third party story or incident. The amateur hacker could be a friend or coworker, be a member of your group or association and most likely have a hidden agenda.

Generally the Professional Hacker is quieter, wants personal information to use, sell, blackmail or extort.

There are a number of internet spywares that individual can hack a cellphone. The most recent spywares is that the hacker does not access to your phone and can insert the spyware from a remote location using a non traceable, disposable phone paid for in cash. .

Immediate Countermeasure.

Most Immediate Action - Is to remove the batter from the cellphone. Turning the phone off or placing it on airplane mode will NOT stop you from being tracked. If your battery is depleted, cellphone manufactures design their software's to conserve approximately 15-20 percent of the remaining batter life..

Once your battery is depleted, you cannot make normal calls. The reaming battery life is designed so that you can connect and make emergencies 911 calls. With this remaining battery life, you can be tracked.

Battery Life and Monitoring. Keep an eye on data usage. Monitoring apps have to constantly report back, and older or cheaper services often use way more data than they should. If the person monitoring you is constantly using the video camera or microphone or downloading your data, it will likely be felt on your monthly data usage.

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Determine If Your Cellphone Is Hacked, Is someone Listening To Your Calls.

Investigators who examine your cell phone. More and more individuals are seeking information on friends, family members or for relationships to illegal determine your lifestyles and a persons activities.

  • Your Cellphone Turns On Automatically.
  • You Battery Constantly Need Charging.
  • Certain Clicking Or Echo's Can Be Heard.
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