Proper Sight Alignment, Learning Firearm Sight Alignment Methods

Proper Firearm Sight Alignment, Learning Sight Alignment

SIGHT ALIGNMENT DEFINITION: - The relationship between the Front and Rear sights.

The Front Sight is centered in the Rear Sight Notch with Equal Space / Light on Either Side. The tops of the Front Sight and the Rear Sight are even.

SIGHT PICTURE - DEFINITION:  - The placement of the aligned sights on the target.

THE SHOOTER'S - Point Of Focus - Is The Front Sight.

          Incorrect- Focused On Target    Incorrect  - Focused On Rear Sight Correct - Focused On Front Sight

Correctly Sighting Your Firearm

The Rear Sight will be blurred, and the target will be even more blurred.
The shooter has three things to align: the front sight, rear sight and target. The front sight must be kept in sharp focus. Shooters will have a tendency to look at the target.
Point-of-Aim - Center Mass
Center Mass of the Target Offered or Selected. Primary Reason: Biggest target with the most room for error. Secondary Reason: Location of Greatest concentration of vital organs.

Practice  Your Sight Alignment  - And Continue Your Training Below


Sight Alignment, Gun Sight Picture

 In the act of firing a shot, two things have to be accomplished simultaneously (sights and trigger), while the mind can only consciously do one thing at a time.

 Sight alignment/sight picture, being visual, tends to remain a conscious act. Trigger control, a tactile action, quickly becomes a subconscious act.

No Extra Movement: Do not add any extra movements.  Form Up Into a good, solid stance, lock the arms outward into a "V"  Use proper trigger finger, pull back , press back slowly, firmly and fire..

  Firearms Open Sights  
First Open sights generally are used where the rear sight is at significant distance from the shooter's eye. They provide minimum occlusion of the shooter's view, but at the expense of precision.

Open sights generally use either a square post or a bead on a post for a front sight. The post or bead is placed in the rear sight notch, and the target is placed above and centered on the aligned sights.
From the shooter's point of view, there should be a noticeable space between each side of the front sight and the edges of the notch; the spaces are called light bars. 

The brightness of the light bars provides the shooter feedback as to the alignment of the post in the notch.
Vertical alignment is done by lining up the top of the front post with the top of the rear sight, or by placing the bead just above the bottom of the V or U-notch. If the post is not centered in the V or U notch, the shot will not be accurate. If the post extends over the V or U-notch it will result in a high shot.

If the post does not reach the top of the V or U-notch it will result in a low shot.
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Firearm Sight Types
The Point Of Focus Is The Front Sight