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Fort Lauderdale. Private Investigators.

We'll make the effort to uncover the answers to the questions that are affecting your personal and professional life. 

Infidelity, Cheating Spouse Investigations,  Employee Fraud, Thefts  Assignment,  Child Custody Cases Are Some Of The Services We Provide.  During Your Court Appearances,  Our Investigators Can Escort You To The Court House.  During Your Difficult Times We Provide A Service At An Affordable Rate. 


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Licensed Florida Private Investigators.

Our Florida Private Investigators can complete investigations without the suspect ever detecting our agents. As an agency we offer a wide range of investigative services to our clients throughout Florida. Our private investigators are some of the most talented and experienced Florida private investigators in the industry.

We work with a variety of different clients on a daily basis from insurance companies, corporations, small businesses, and a private citizens

If you need immediate assistance with an investigative need call us today for a free consultation at Telephone (954) 768 - 9222. All of our consultations are confidential.

You will be glad that you called and retained one of our Florida Private Investigators.



Investigations And Services.

Telephone: (954) 768 9222

Read About Our Florida Private Investigation Agency.

For Over 20 Years Our Fort Lauderdale Private Investigators Have Continued To Provide Excellent Services To Our Clients.

  • Providing Infidelity Investigations.
  • Providing Fraud Investigators.
  • Providing Maritime Investigations And Services.
Florida Sea Captain, Yacht, Power, Sailboat Delivery Services.


Florida Sea Captain, Yacht Captain.

Florida Maritime Services. Coast Guard Certified Boat Captain Who Can Deliver Sailboat, Powerboat, Fishing Boats Yachts To Both Domestic And Foreign Locations! Yacht Delivery Service - Experienced Sea Captain in the coastal waters of Florida to New York, Canada, the Caribbean, The Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, the surrounding Island, and the Atlantic waters off Mexico, Central, America. A ship's captain who can safely deliver sail, power yachts or fishing boats.

Hiring and finding a professional sea captain is not difficult. However, finding and hiring a captain who you can trust, or has the experience and will fit your budget takes a little time and effort. Most often boat owners can move their boats themselves. But Some Cases, certain owners have purchased a larger vessel and are inexperienced with the size and controls when operating it.

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Maritime Services And Investigations.

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Private Investigator Assisting Clients For Infidelity, Cheating Spouse Investigations, Employee Fraud, Thefts Or Child Custody Cases. We Provide Protection During Your Court Appearances.
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