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Catching a Philandering Spouse or Partner

Never make the discovery of an affair or decision to reconcile your marriage a family affair. Minimize input from parents, siblings, friends and other well intentioned bystanders. You alone need to assess whether or not this relationship is in your best interest, and therefore you alone need to make the decision of whether to stay or leave. Counseling and spiritual input are always great options, but in the end the decision needs to be made by you. Often well meaning people who love you will provide advice that is not in your best interest. That’s why it is best to keep your business as private as possible when it comes to family and friends. Often online support groups and input from those who are removed from your personal world can be far more beneficial than those who are closely related to the situation. In the end, remember, you are the one who has to live with your decision, not the rest of the world.

Divorce Team, Specializations
Emotional or Difficult Divorces

Our agency uses a law firm “Team Approach" for family matters and child custody cases that address the long and short term psychological and emotional aspects of a divorce.

The law firm will be an advocate for you in matters of divorce and domestic relations issues